Our Mission

Las Fotos Project’s mission is to elevate the voices of teenage girls from communities of color through photography and mentoring, empowering them to channel their creativity for the benefit of themselves, their community, and future careers. Through the lens of photography, students capture moments that inspire them and others to critically examine the world around them and to become agents of change.

Our Students

Las Fotos Project students are teenage girls between the ages of 13-18 from local communities of color with boundless imagination, creativity and a drive to tell their stories. We provide access to free professional photography equipment, knowledgeable mentors and a safe and supportive creative environment where our students are able to explore the power of photography. 

Current Student Exhibit

IMG2020.jpg is a visual narrative of a shared experience in a new world captured in real-time by Las Fotos Project teen photographers. Unable to use the full array of photography equipment typically available to them in the studio, the teen photographers in this exhibition gave voice to their photography by utilizing household items, natural light, food and family members to convey emotion, texture and movement. 

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COVID-19 Update & Student Supports

The health of our students, staff and mentors – as well as their families – are extremely important to us. We’re following the recommendations made the CDC, state and city leadership – our in-person programming has been suspended for the time being. We are developing virtual programming, keeping in contact with our students and have created a community resource page to access meals, internet services and other support services (click the button below to access it). We thank all of those who have reached out to check on the well-being of our students and have offered support.  

Community Resources

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