Introducing: MakerSpace

By Julian, MakerSpace Instructor

LFP_MakerSpace_10092014_flyerToday we had our first session of MakerSpace. What is MakerSpace, you ask? It is a new Las Fotos Project series for girls, and their friends and families! It’s a place for creativity, fun, imagination, and inspiration. The students craft image based art pieces which allows them to create beyond digital photography.

Our first project was “Painting with Emotions.” We setup individual workstations with brushes, palettes, canvases, and paints. We answered questions about the different types of emotions that come up during the day and the colors that are associated with them. Then we re-created those colors with red, yellow, blue, black, and white. You can make almost any color with those except neon beige! Continue reading

Our Summer came to an [awesome] end.

Our trip to the Craig Krull Gallery

By Kayla Castro

Going to Craig Krull gallery in Santa Monica was great. We were kindly greeted by Craig Krull and he showed us around the gallery.


Mr. Krull talked to us about the paintings and the photos. We saw paintings from Larry Cohen, and photography exhibit from different artists.


One thing I really like about this visit to the gallery was the title of the exhibit, “Driving L.A.”

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Amigas4MySoul Women’s Conference

By Ana Cortes

On August 16, 2014 a group of girls and I attended the Amigas4My Soul Ultimate U Women’s Conference. The workshops consisted of different topics that fit the different age groups. We attended all four workshops. The workshop that really caught my attention was the one with Raquel Cordova “RaqC”. RaqC’s workshop was titled “Uncovering Your Authentic Self.” In the workshop she drew out a Venn diagram to explain emotions. On the left circle she put facts, an event that had happed in her life. On the right circle she put the emotions that she felt when it happened. In the middle she put how that event still bothers her. By doing this RaqC helped everyone realize that the best way to be happy in life and to be true to yourself is to let go of the past. It was a lesson about forgiving and moving on.


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InFocus Talks with Angela Boatwright

By Lorena Arroyo, age 17

At the last presentation of InFocus Talks we got to meet Angela Boatwright. I was speechless. I’m really into the punk scene and that’s exactly what she photographs. Seeing her work was inspiring me. It made me want to go to more punk parties.


Her photos explore a different aspect of the punk scene. She photographs punk rockers doing things that you would never think they do. She captures really well the most intimate aspects of their lives.


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Our trip to the MOCA

By Gladys Chaj, age 18

The art of the MOCA museum was very peculiar to me. I enjoyed looking at the art and even though some art was a bit unusual I think that is what made it special.


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InFocus Talks with Rafa Cardenas

By Angela, age 16

For my first InFocus Talk, I had the privilege to meet and know Rafael Cardenas, a street photographer, who shared his work and taught us some techniques for taking photos. He talked to us about projects he does with musicians and how he gets called to do photo shoots for them. He also talked about his bike rides on the streets of LA and how he captures pictures that have more than a meaning within itself. His photos and editing are astonishing and meaningful.


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InFocus Talks with Dalia Palacios

By Carolina, age 17

On a Tuesday afternoon at the Las Fotos Project Summer Camp, we had the opportunity to meet and work with the talented Ms. Dalia Palacios.


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InFocus Talks with Michael Robinson Chavez

By Sonia, age 17


Meeting Michael Robinson Chavez, a photographer from the Los Angeles Times, was an fun experience. His devotion to his work is incredible because he doesn’t just make a picture of a view or a person, but makes a picture of a moment in time in which people will see. Continue reading

Our Trip To The Getty Museum

By Diana, age 17

Today we had a great trip to the Getty museum. We got to see fascinating paintings, as well as famous photographs that were very interesting.


One of my favorite photographs from the museum was the Snake River from Ansel Adams. In addition, I liked the twin painting, but I’m not really sure about the name of the artist. Being able to see the beauty of nature was one of my favorite parts. However, I believe that the garden was the most fun for everyone. Especially because we were provided with a camera! Being able to take pictures of your interests as well as things that represent who you are is really cool. Continue reading