InFocus Talks: Victoria Guerra

By Kathy Mateos, 16

Imagine only being 18 years old and traveling around the world. On Saturday November 1, 2014, a Las Fotos Project alumni Victoria Guerra, came to visit us and share her experiences with the program, photography, and life in general.


I have been with Las Fotos Project for almost 2 years and never got a chance to meet Victoria in person. Talking about her experience through high school up to her college years, Victoria gave us a good sneak peek on what the future might hold. Continue reading

Wheatepasting with our friends from the East LA Women’s Center


In the fall of 2014, the East L.A. Women’s Center facilitated their Youth Leadership Development Training program with eight young women from Youth Build in Boyle Heights. Participants of the program learned about healthy relationships, gender roles, critical thinking, and strategies to take action.

Las Fotos Project worked with the participants to create a series of billboards which reflected messages developed by the young women based on the new information learned during their training.


ELAWC_Wheatpasting_IMG_2845 Continue reading

Movie Night: Who Is Dayani Cristal?

By Ana, age 18, from The Immigrant Youth Coalition
In our collaboration with Las Fotos Project, we watched the movie “Who Is Dayani Cristal”, a film focused on the different struggles people go through to get to the United States.

This was a great and emotional film, because I was able to relate to it in the sense that my family as well went through some of the struggles that the people in this filmed faced, the movie hit home in many ways.

After the film was done we got to have a discussion based on the movie. The discussion was great; it gave me the opportunity to hear various perspectives and allowed me to share mine.

Día de los Muertos Altar at Grand Park

Las Fotos Project is participating in the Día de los Muertos Altars Display happening at Grand Park until Sunday November 2nd. The event was organized by Self Help Graphics & Art and there are 50 altars currently displayed. Our mentors Dianna, Jaqui and Julian led the project for us, our girls helped create some of the decorations and posed for photos with their painted faces. Check out the photos and we’ll see you at Grand Park this weekend! IMAG0247 Continue reading

In Focus Talks with Julie Cabral

By Textli, age 16

On October 4, 2014, Julie Cabral, a 22-year-old photographer from Venice Beach, came to talk to us about herself and her experience as a photographer and filmmaker.


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The Day We Went to MOCA

By Helene, age 17

A group of young ladies enter the museum of contemporary art not expecting to see strange and emotional art pieces. Mainly going to see Andy Warhol’s exhibition of his collection Shadows, we thought we would see some of his iconic pieces such as the colorful screen prints of Marilyn Monroe, or his famous Nico and the velvet underground banana. Instead we were given multiple screen prints of the same black shaded painting in different colors which was his piece called Shadows.



We where all dazed and confused not knowing how to react to what we where given. Until we were told what Shadows actually meant to Warhol, we where in a state of shock. Continue reading

Introducing: MakerSpace

By Julian, MakerSpace Instructor

LFP_MakerSpace_10092014_flyerToday we had our first session of MakerSpace. What is MakerSpace, you ask? It is a new Las Fotos Project series for girls, and their friends and families! It’s a place for creativity, fun, imagination, and inspiration. The students craft image based art pieces which allows them to create beyond digital photography.

Our first project was “Painting with Emotions.” We setup individual workstations with brushes, palettes, canvases, and paints. We answered questions about the different types of emotions that come up during the day and the colors that are associated with them. Then we re-created those colors with red, yellow, blue, black, and white. You can make almost any color with those except neon beige! Continue reading

Our Summer came to an [awesome] end.

Our trip to the Craig Krull Gallery

By Kayla Castro

Going to Craig Krull gallery in Santa Monica was great. We were kindly greeted by Craig Krull and he showed us around the gallery.


Mr. Krull talked to us about the paintings and the photos. We saw paintings from Larry Cohen, and photography exhibit from different artists.


One thing I really like about this visit to the gallery was the title of the exhibit, “Driving L.A.”

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Amigas4MySoul Women’s Conference

By Ana Cortes

On August 16, 2014 a group of girls and I attended the Amigas4My Soul Ultimate U Women’s Conference. The workshops consisted of different topics that fit the different age groups. We attended all four workshops. The workshop that really caught my attention was the one with Raquel Cordova “RaqC”. RaqC’s workshop was titled “Uncovering Your Authentic Self.” In the workshop she drew out a Venn diagram to explain emotions. On the left circle she put facts, an event that had happed in her life. On the right circle she put the emotions that she felt when it happened. In the middle she put how that event still bothers her. By doing this RaqC helped everyone realize that the best way to be happy in life and to be true to yourself is to let go of the past. It was a lesson about forgiving and moving on.


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