Join us at Viva La Muxer!

The First Annual Viva La Muxer is an all female art and music festival, a celebration of International Women’s Day, and a benefit event for lil’ ol’ us. Viva La Muxer will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 6PM – 10PM at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA).

You support Las Fotos Project by purchasing tickets to the event here: 100% of the proceeds go to LFP and will allow us to purchase more equipment so that we can serve even more young women and girls.

Check out the official Facebook event page HERE.


Art Making with Boyle Heights for Youth

By Lizzy, age 17


I attended an art workshop hosted by the Boyle Heights for Youth leaders. We learned about youth development and the benefits of positive programs for young people in our community. We also learned about the Boyle Heights for Youth campaign which will increase the City’s investment in youth development programs.


I participated in an activity that spelled out “YOUTH POWER”. Along with my group, I crafted pictures on large cardboard letter cutouts that exemplified education enrichment. Jocelyn, Luna and I utilized wonderful pictures containing books for knowledge and graduation caps because I’m graduating this year and I can’t wait!  Continue reading

Breaking Norms & Building Self-Confidence

By Julisa

Every semester, Las Fotos Project works with dozens of young ladies teaching them to think in ways they may not have considered before. Beyond photography, they are inspired to let their curiosity guide them as they become more comfortable with viewing the world through a camera lens and their own lives through a more sophisticated kind of lens:  Social Awareness.


This Fall semester, one of the young ladies that took on the task of exploring her physical and perceptual surrounding was Jasmine Salazar, a 14-year old from Theodore Roosevelt High School, whose ultimate goal is to become a Marine Biologist. Initially, she joined LFP this Fall with the expectation of simply learning “how to take good pictures.” To her surprise, LFP turned out to be “more than that. A lot of friendships blossomed and we have grown into our own little community, which is more than I could have asked for.” Continue reading


By Julian Sambrano

Las Fotos Project’s Makerspace first semester came to a close on November 20th. This year we were able to learn about ourselves through a few specifically curated art projects. We had about 40 – 50 participants consisting of students, family, and friends.


Still don’t know what Makerspace is? Just in case you missed our last post, it is a place for the community to get together and create and express themselves in an artistic way. We use a variety of techniques in art to share ideas, express parts of our personality, have fun, talk about our community, and make new friends. We are expanding the program next year to become a year long monthly program. The program is open to anyone and everyone in our community who would like to make and foster their imagination! Continue reading

You’re Invited! ESTA SOY YO Youth Photo Exhibit – Fall 2014

ESY_Facebook TimlineDiscover nature and the environment through the eyes of teenage girls from Central, South, and East Los Angeles. ESTA SOY YO is Las Fotos Project’s semester-end culminating exhibition which brings together student photographers who have worked to create images and narratives detailing their stories and life experiences. It’s more than photos; it’s their emotional connection to their artwork.

This event is free and open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend! Click here for more information. 

Movie Nights: Half the Sky

By Norma Sanchez, Youth Council Member from Latino Equality Alliance LGBTQA

Prior to attending the screening of Half the Sky documentary, I had never heard of the film. I thought the film was about women’s suffrage versus instead it turned out to be a collection of inspiring stories about strong women who overcame terrible things such as rape, oppression, emotional abuse, and violence. Not only did these women overcome all of of those issues, but they supported and helped rehabilitate other women, especially young women, who suffered as they did in their community.


I feel that the fact that female actors personally visited and experienced firsthand many of these issues added a new dimension, it created relativity. Continue reading

InFocus Talks: Victoria Guerra

By Kathy Mateos, 16

Imagine only being 18 years old and traveling around the world. On Saturday November 1, 2014, a Las Fotos Project alumni Victoria Guerra, came to visit us and share her experiences with the program, photography, and life in general.


I have been with Las Fotos Project for almost 2 years and never got a chance to meet Victoria in person. Talking about her experience through high school up to her college years, Victoria gave us a good sneak peek on what the future might hold. Continue reading

Wheatepasting with our friends from the East LA Women’s Center


In the fall of 2014, the East L.A. Women’s Center facilitated their Youth Leadership Development Training program with eight young women from Youth Build in Boyle Heights. Participants of the program learned about healthy relationships, gender roles, critical thinking, and strategies to take action.

Las Fotos Project worked with the participants to create a series of billboards which reflected messages developed by the young women based on the new information learned during their training.


ELAWC_Wheatpasting_IMG_2845 Continue reading

Movie Night: Who Is Dayani Cristal?

By Ana, age 18, from The Immigrant Youth Coalition
In our collaboration with Las Fotos Project, we watched the movie “Who Is Dayani Cristal”, a film focused on the different struggles people go through to get to the United States.

This was a great and emotional film, because I was able to relate to it in the sense that my family as well went through some of the struggles that the people in this filmed faced, the movie hit home in many ways.

After the film was done we got to have a discussion based on the movie. The discussion was great; it gave me the opportunity to hear various perspectives and allowed me to share mine.

Día de los Muertos Altar at Grand Park

Las Fotos Project is participating in the Día de los Muertos Altars Display happening at Grand Park until Sunday November 2nd. The event was organized by Self Help Graphics & Art and there are 50 altars currently displayed. Our mentors Dianna, Jaqui and Julian led the project for us, our girls helped create some of the decorations and posed for photos with their painted faces. Check out the photos and we’ll see you at Grand Park this weekend! IMAG0247 Continue reading