Las Fotos Project is a community-based nonprofit organization that inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship and self-expression. Offering year-round programming, we provide girls with access to professional cameras, quality instruction and workshops that encourage them to explore their identity, learn about new cultures, build leadership and advocacy skills, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being. We currently mentor 150 girls from communities across Los Angeles.

Arts education fosters creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, skills needed to compete in a twenty-first century workforce. Studies affirm students who participate in the arts “develop the ability to innovate, communicate, and collaborate. Arts education in schools increases test scores across every subject area, lowers dropout rates and helps close the achievement gap regardless of  socioeconomic status.” (California Alliance for Arts Education)

At Las Fotos Project we encourage:

  • individuality
  • optimism
  • creativity
  • persistence and
  • learning

These five core values enable students and team members to ensure dedication to a prosperous future. We believe creating art is an engaging, integrative process that teaches positive communication, problem solving, literacy, awareness, and lifelong learning skills.  By working with students, teachers and parents, Las Fotos Project encourages arts learning that is rigorous and fun and that positively influences a student’s potential.

Las Fotos Project students are teenage girls between the ages of 11-18, from low to middle-income households living in communities of color, who do not have access to photography equipment or art-based programs. Students are referred to Las Fotos Project by our partners and are identified by having an interest in photography or likely benefiting from our programs.