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As part of Las Fotos Project's social enterprise, The Foto Shop proceeds are shared between Las Fotos Project in support of our free year-round photography programming and individual student artist as they develop their economic independence.

These images are featured in our virtual exhibitions! They are also physically on display at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, home of the LA County Board of Supervisors.


Proceeds from #FromOurArchives support Las Fotos Project's free year-round photography programming.

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All At Once

Proceeds from All At Once are shared between the artist, Mia Bella Chavez, and Las Fotos Project in support of our year round programming.

The photo collage series in All At Once: A Solo Show by Mia Bella Chavez results from an exercise of self-exploration to illustrate Mia Bella’s identity. Mia Bella’s love for working with her hands allows her to bring digital work into the tactile realm. By using only the photos that she has taken, Mia Bella immerses herself into a collaging process that reveals more about who she is. She appears as the participant, spectator and main character in surreal scenes that explore her ethnicity, locality, gender and sexuality.