The Foto Awards Self-Expression Award Winners

Join us for an InFocus Talk with Anna & MiaBella
Saturday October 24, 2020,  3:00 pm to 3:40 pm
Moderated by: Tara Burns, Specialist, Family & K-12 Audiences at the Hammer Museum

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Anna Grevenitis

For autodidact artist Anna Grevenitis photography has always been therapeutic and based in self-inquiry, and so, over the years, she has effortlessly pointed her lens at her family and herself. In her daily introspection, she searches for meaning with her camera. Anna Grevenitis is interested in photography as an act of establishing visual memory and engaging in social visibility,

MiaBella Chavez

Self-Expression Award, Youth Awardee

Mia Bella Chavez is a photographer who was born and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Developing an interest in art at a young age, Mia Bella began taking classes at Echo Park Film Center (2009), Inner-City Arts (2014), and Las Fotos Project (2016). She has continued to participate in their programs for the duration of her pre-undergraduate education. In 2019, Mia Bella completed visual art courses at California Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) and in Cuba through a study abroad program. She continues to study visual art at Loyola Marymount University.