Opening Night:

Saturday, December 8
5PM – 7PM
Gallery Hours*:

Saturday, December 22
5PM – 7PM
Saturday, January 12
5PM – 7PM
Closing Reception: 
Saturday, January 19
5PM  – 7PM

*For group visits outside of set gallery hours, please contact:

This exhibit is free and open to the public.

2658 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031


About the Exhibit:

During the fall of 2018, 11 Las Fotos Project students were immersed in a three-month-long project to explore the phases of their adolescence through an introspective look at how their private and public lives shape the face of who they are today. Faces and Phases features self-portraits that reflect each girls’ individuality and photographic creativity. Through mentorship, hands-on workshops, guest speakers, and creative photo assignments, the girls were able to reveal unique stories about growth, empowerment, openness, and courage.

The photographs presented in this exhibition are captivating, playful, and intimate. They focus on locations and objects that symbolize the students’ personalities, values, and environments that they feel connected to. Through self-portraiture, these young women express their full selves – their joy, talents, and quiet meditations. While each individual moment may seem like a fleeting point in time, collectively they make up a key part of their unfolding identity.

Being vulnerable in front of a camera is no easy task, especially when a personal journey is on view for all to see. As each self-portrait captures a photographer’s soul and perspective, they also encourage us, the viewers, to look closely, and interpret and embrace who they are. Every frame is an invitation to discover something new, remember a feeling or make connections.

Featured Photographers:
Alejandra Gonzalez
Ashley Sanchez
Greisy Hernandez
Jennifer Alvarez
Katherine De La Cruz
LeeAnne Harrison
Maria Romero
Maya Rosado
Michelle Montecinos
Romina Estrada
Rubi García
Tonali Murillo

Teaching Artist:
Miriam Plascencia

Ana Rivas
Brittani Renoj
Carolina Ibarra
Natalia Garcia
Nicole Maturo

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of the Weingart Foundation, California Community Foundation, Ahmanson Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, Horace Goldsmith Foundation, Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Vernon CommUNITY Fund, Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs