Esta Soy Yo is our flagship program which evolved from small one-time photography workshops to a full semester of photography training, mentoring and creativity. Esta Soy Yo is a self-exploration program that practices therapeutic photography methodologies and incorporates project-based learning to support students with finding their voice while building self-confidence and self-efficacy through visual communication.

Esta Soy Yo runs for 12 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each class explores a theme centralized on personal identity, home or interpersonal relationships. Students learn basic photography skills while also being mentored by professional photographers to carry out the student’s vision for their semester project. At the end of each semester, our Esta Soy Yo student work is showcased at a group photography exhibition, where their work can be viewed by friend, family and the community at large. Student exhibitions offer our students an opportunity to experience the creative process from conception to curation.

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