Con Safos

Taking a photojournalistic approach, Digital Promotoras are amplifying the voices of our city’s youth while addressing key issues such as gentrification, access to green spaces, security, physical wellbeing, and punitive school measures. For the fall of 2019, students in the Digital Promotoras program investigated the question of how various public safety efforts impact school-aged youth, through a visual documentation project called “Con Safos”. They then took their projects into the community through a public forum and asked guests to center youth voices to collectively create healthier and safer communities. Click on the images below to see their presenations and photographs. 


Maria Cos-Olivera, 17
Nayeli Huerta, 17
Paola Jaime, 17
Karina Lara, 18
Carol Mora, 17
Samantha Rivera, 16
Stephany Solis, 18
Gisselle Ulloa, 15
Airin Valdez, 16

Teaching Artist:
Riana Gideon

Teaching Artist Assistant:
Katelee Cervantes

Brittany Bravo
Crystal Milner
Erica Rawles
Lilliam Ribota
Marina Hernandez

This public forum and pop-up exhibit was made possible thanks to the University of Southern California Good Neighbors program.