AGEnts of Change

The saying goes that “age is just a number.” In the fall of 2019, Las Fotos Project’s Digital Promotoras captured the spirit of this notion in their project, “AGEnts of Change” by documenting individuals who are challenging the way age is perceived and revitalizing the process of growing old. The inspiring community members highlighted in this work aren’t just elders, grandparents, aunts, or uncles — they are AGEnts of Change. 

Click on the images below to view each students’ project and meet the dynamic individuals they photographed.


Mina Alvarado-Goldberg, 15
Paloma Carraro, 16
Emily Cerezo, 15
Aileen Del Real, 14
Jazmin Gonzalez, 15
Melody Hernandez, 16
Adria Marin, 14
Xitlali Martinez, 16
Amada Morales, 19
Jasmyn Morales, 17
Ashley Romero, 12
Maya Salinas, 17

Teaching Artist:
Liz Martinez


Teaching Artist Assistant:
Lilith Ferreira

Salina Canizales
Patricia Castaneda
Cassandra Gonzales
Martina Ibanez
Megan Pennings

This event and pop-up exhibit was made possible thanks to the Mary Pickford Foundation.