Meet the 2019 YAC!

Let’s take a look inside the second year of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) with Natalia Angeles, Chair of the YAC, and Xochitl Cruz, Co-Chair of the YAC. The Youth Advisory Council provides active Las Fotos Project members the opportunity to represent the students by developing youth-led projects, events, and group activities. They share with us the lessons learned from their first year and their plans for the future.

“We ended the first year of the YAC by making sure there was a structure in place for the following year… We created roles and tasks so that everyone is equally involved.” – Xochitl Cruz

The YAC allows current Las Fotos Project students to help shape the future of the organization by equipping them with the opportunity to further their leadership skills – all while having fun with friends. The council actively work towards providing more opportunities for all students to engage with each other:

“Students who have more opportunities to participate outside of classes helps them feel more connected with the organization while providing opportunities to connect with each other. We’re all meeting at the same space, but at different times, so we don’t really get to connect with students in other classes.” – Natalia Angeles

When comparing their experiences in the YAC with their in-school committees, both Natalia and Xochitl shared noticed the limited collaborative opportunities due to cliques. This observation influenced both their approach and goals within the YAC. They are committed to creating a welcoming and productive environment as YAC leaders.

“For the future, we plan to have representatives from each Las Fotos Project class present at some of our meetings. This will help us to share with them future events we’re planning; this will allow for more effective communication.” Natalia Angeles

YAC is made up of Las Fotos Project students who have a vested interest in furthering the mission of Las Fotos Project and are looking to deepen their understanding of program and event planning. The Youth Advisory Council will support Las Fotos Project with developing youth-led projects and events. Some of their goals are to support with:

  • Community Engagement oversight and co-curation
  • Annual program themes
  • Annual exhibitions
  • Student & Family Engagement Opportunities

For information on how to join or volunteer for Las Fotos Project programs, email