Open to: All

Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2020


Getty Images and Creative Access, one of the UK’s leading diversity organisations, are pleased to announce a new collaboration to award a $10,000 scholarship to a student focused on photojournalism. The scholarship funds can be used for tuition, camera equipment or other education costs during the 2020-2021 school year.

This Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students from Black, Asian and other non-white minority ethnic candidates (or BAME) attending accredited universities in the United Kingdom, with at least one year of school remaining, beginning in the fall of 2020.

What scholarship applicants should submit:

  • Essay: Submit a typed essay of 300 words or less that explains your commitment to journalism and photography. All written parts of the submission must be submitted in English.
  • Resume/CV: One-page resume listing your educational background, work history, awards, journalism-related internships, other scholarships and any work done for your school or community newspaper, website or TV station.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two references from people who are familiar with your academic and/or journalism work. (Examples: professors, counselors, employers, faculty advisers, etc.) Letters from relatives will not be accepted.
  • Proof of exam grades: Copies of your A-level certificates or any other exam results together with a document on your official school / university letterhead confirming the years attending, achieved and predicted grades. If you have attended more than one school, college or university, a transcript is required from each institution unless grades from the previous school(s) appear on the present transcript.
  • Proof of enrollment: A copy of your current schedule.
  • Work Samples: 15 – 20 still images, and up to 5 video clips (video clips are optional)

*Applicants can only apply for one Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship.

**We are aware that coronavirus-related school closures may have made it difficult to obtain school records. We will accept unofficial records, such as screengrabs of a school’s online student portal, as substitutes for the purposes of the application.