WE RISE, a Solo Show by Regina Zamarripa, age 16


WE RISE tells the narratives of 12 indigenous people in Los Angeles. These individuals range from middle school to college students, from child to elder. Through community engagement and unapologetic presence they show the world that the Native population continues to rise powerfully.

Artist Bio:

My name is Regina Zamarripa, I am sixteen years old and a junior at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School. This is my 6th semester with Las Fotos Project. I was born in the city of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco, although these days I reside in the small community of Boyle Heights here in Los Angeles. I would like to consider myself an emerging artist as I enjoy photography in many forms, my specialty being portraits and documentary styled images. Additionally, I enjoy writing poetry and stories.

My experience with Las Fotos Project has once more been amazing. I’m really grateful that this semester I was able to get to know two amazing women and briefly document them in their work environment. I am extremely grateful to my mentor who was always willing to try new things and engage in very meaningful dialogues that felt relevant and important. I will definitely return for round 7!

“What I like best about Las Fotos Project is being able to meet other girls my age and reunite with some girls I knew from my other school. I also love that I was able to expand my knowledge of photography.” – Regina Zamarripa, November 2014

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