Thank you for your interest in supporting Las Fotos Project, a project of Community Partners. Our introductory workshops and intensive photography programs are funded by community members like you. Funds donated to Las Fotos Project go directly to the costs of our ongoing workshops and programs. Here are couple examples of what your donation will cover:

  • $10 will help purchase a memory card, which can then be used on countless project sites.
  • $25 covers the cost of photo prints for one student, prints which are displayed during our community gallery exhibits.
  • $100 adds a point-and-shoot digital camera to our equipment inventory and will be used to teach photography to hundreds of youth.
  • $500 purchases an SLR camera for our advanced students to be mentored and learn techniques with professional equipment.


Become a monthly sustainer:

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Thank You to our supporters:

  • Alice Lopez
  • Ame Flournoy
  • Andrew Hua
  • Anette Soto
  • Angelica Gamboa
  • Angelica Perez Ph.D.
  • Anna Wilard
  • Audrey Casillas
  • Cathy Plantenga
  • Charlene Mortale
  • Chelsea Moore
  • Christina Starzl
  • Dalyn Matsuguma
  • Diana Chang
  • Diana del Rio
  • Diana Testillo
  • Eric Ibarra
  • Erika von Plato
  • Erwin Mangali
  • Forrest Ann Podrat
  • Gabriel Ibarra
  • Heather White
  • Jacqueline Rivera
  • Jennifer Ta
  • Jessica Little
  • Joe Chalakee
  • John Year
  • Julia Libby
  • Kaitlyn Dyke
  • Karina Rindt
  • KYCC
  • Lisa Lew
  • Marcelina Contreras
  • Marco Pech
  • Melanie Ortiz-Ibarra
  • Michael Villoria
  • Michelle Stevens
  • Mina Martinez
  • Nick Mendoza
  • Oliver Shipley, Shipley Films
  • Olivia Lin
  • Peter Lam
  • Pipo Villoria
  • Rachael Stauffer
  • Ransom Mayfield
  • Rosa Lopez
  • Ruth  Souza
  • Sayuri Tanabe
  • Sergio and Sofia Ibarra
  • Traci Elliot
  • Trevor Kishi
  • Veronica Roach