Las Fotos Project goes to Paris Photo

Paris Photo Los Angeles, the US edition of the world’s most celebrated art fair for works created in the photographic medium, took place at Paramount Pictures Studios April 25th-27th, and offered the ideal setting to explore how artists have been and are using photography and moving image in their work in the 20th and 21st centuries, and welcomed more than 16,000 visitors. We took a group of students to explore Paris Photo. Here is what they had to say:
“It was amazing seeing other peoples work, it was something different. I’ve never seen these types of photos, videos, and art ever before. I was really shocked on what I saw. What I gained from this experience is doing different things to my photos. I liked that it was amazing where the show was, the food trucks, different stations and the way they did their project — they made it personal, their work.” – Brenda Rivas, age 15
“I really liked seeing the way the photographers presented their photos. I also really loved looking at the detail they put into it. It was really interesting seeing the materials & way they made their presentation. I thought it was amazing seeing their work. Their work was beautiful and you could tell that they payed close attention to detail. I gained a lot more knowledge about how these presentations go. I also gained a lot more ideas on how I could present my photos.” – Linda Lozano, age 14
“I loved the book I read and saw also the way people had SO MANY ways of showing their art and the type of emotions they showed on every detail. Paris Photo changed my perspective on how I see photography. I loved the way they moved things around. The photos made me realize I can do it my own way, not just one way and I want to do art my whole life. So many people went for that and they truly love photography and art. ”  – Laura Pastor, age 15

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