Our trip to the LA River

By: Melanie Nava, age 12

My trip to the LA River was a great experience! I learned so much and took pictures of everything I saw.  The LA River is beautiful and fascinating.  My classmates and I had a really great time taking pictures of the river’s plants, animals, and people.  I loved taking close-up shots of the leaves, the water, and all of the nature around me.  I was so eager to get there, that by the time we got there, I had already taken so many photos.  When I walked down to the river, I immediately started taking photos of the rocks and of my classmates. I was also able to see the excitement in their eyes.  The river running through the rocks was so loud and incredible.  

My classmate Sabinah and I made cyanotypes for the guests.  A cyanotype is a photographic blueprint. The process of making one is very simple.  You have to get cyanotype paper and place an object on it.  Then you let it sit in the sun for a couple of minutes, dip it in water, and let it dry.  You end up having an amazing piece of artwork that is simple to make.  Sabinah and I had so much fun helping guests make the cyanotypes.  Once the cyanotypes dried they took their masterpieces home.

My classmates and I also had a great time making posters and flyers that we put up around the river trail. I made a huge poster to welcome all of the runners and bikers on the trail next to the river.   

Once the day was over, I had to choose three of my favorite photos I had taken that day as an assignment for “Art on The River”.  I was confident that I did well.  I was nervous but excited about the exhibit.  Preparing for it was fun.  I had such an amazing time and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this project and hope to do it again soon!

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