Art Appreciation Field Trip: M + B Gallery / Alex Prager


By Victoria, age 17

At the end of last month, I had the opportunity to attend a Los Fotos Project field trip to go see an exhibit by Alex Prager called “Faces in the Crowd” at M+B gallery.

When we got to the exhibit the first thing that caught my eye was the massive prints on the wall. These enlargements were full of vibrant colors. In each of these enlargements there was a crowd of people each doing something different. It wasn’t one of those group pictures where someone goes unnoticed.

You could clearly see every crease on a person’s face, the emotion they wore, and exactly what each person was doing. What made each person stand out was the clothes they wore, or the makeup they had on. Her photographs had reminded me of “Where’s Waldo” When I had mentioned this at the exhibit, one of the women working at the gallery had told me that many people have also made this comparison as well.

Her photographs drew me in because unlike real life I never really noticed the different people in a crowd, but while viewing these photographs I was able to learn to appreciate a crowd as a whole, and in detail as depicted in the After attending this field trip and finding out more about Alex Prager, I continue to be inspired to discover my own style. Now, each time I take a picture, I find myself staging it to fit my vision of what I want to be portrayed just like she did.

If I had had the opportunity to meet Alex Prager, I would tell her how appreciative I am of her work and how she and her work have inspired me in many different levels as a photographer.

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