Maria Romero Documents the Women’s March in Downtown L.A.

On January 20, many women (and men) of all ages gathered for the Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles. One of our students, Maria Romero, attended the march and photographed what she saw.

It was Romero’s first time attending the Women’s March and she was really happy to be there. She says she enjoyed seeing and hearing all of the messages that women wanted to voice. Romero photographed many protesters and the signs they held. “I took a picture of this lady on this motorcycle and she looked like a badass.”

The speakers, however, were one of Romero’s favorite parts of the day. “Viola Davis told us that [she] knows that a lot of [people] are here to support but we’ve got to take the support out of here [and into our communities],” Romero said.

Many protesters held signs in support of #DACA and undocumented immigrants, which both surprised and relieved Romero. “I’m myself undocumented and seeing people supporting undocumented people is amazing.”

Scroll below to see Romero’s photos of the Women’s March.

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