Las Fotos Project on KPCC’s “Take Two”

LFP Founder, Eric, and LFP student photographers, Brenda, Gaby, Rosa, and Kathy, were interviewed on KPCC last week. Read the brief intro below and press play to hear the full interview

Picture This: Las Fotos Project trains girls to document LA through photography : When 18-year-old Brenda Magallanes set out to document her family in East L.A., she began by taking photographs of her young cousin who has Down syndrome. “When the time came to choosing a topic,” she said to Take Two. “I wanted to speak to my community through my work and let them know that being different is okay and it’s something that should be accepted into our community.” Brenda is part of a program called Las Fotos Project that trains and mentors girls to document their lives through photography. The young students have produced some striking images that show their lives through their own eyes. And they’ve taken on some interesting topics. The program’s founder Eric Ibarra joins the show to discuss the program.”

LFP las fotos project KPCC Take Two


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