LACMA Sessions by Textli Gallegos

“Mirror Ball,” Anne Collier

Every month a few of us and our mentor Kristin have the opportunity to go to LACMA to view photo archives. Each time we go, we view a different theme. On April 28, 2017, we saw photos that all fell under the theme of self-portraits. It was really inspiring and amazing. One of my favorite photos was Mirror Ball by Anne Collier. It’s a photo of a disco ball with fragments of Anne Collier’s reflection looking back at us. It portrayed the message of scatteredness and unbalance. As if something was off and she wasn’t fully in her right mind. It was so interesting to me that she decided to show that side of her.

Taking a self-portrait is all about showing who you are and being vulnerable. Photographer Anne Collier did just that, and to that, I applaud her. I have never seen this photo prior to my visit. In fact, I had never seen any of the photos we looked at. I think that it was really important and valuable for us to have seen all these self-portraits so that we can become inspired. We all just got done creating our own self-portraits and exhibiting them. Seeing these photos gave me different ideas of things I can do for my next projects.

This month’s visit was a little bit different. We got to talk to Eve Schillo who is the Assistant Curator, and Rebecca Morse who is the Associate Curator at LACMA. They both told us a bit about their journey and what lead them to their current positions. It was really intriguing to hear how they got to LACMA and what their school statuses were. Hearing their stories definitely gave me a bit of courage and comfort to continue with my journey through school and made me look forward to what my possible career options are.

I love going to LACMA and seeing the photo archives. Each time I go, I get inspired and come up with new ideas for photos and projects. I am usually not a museum person but I always look forward to going to LACMA. Maybe it is because I want to be a photographer and seeing all the photo archives encourages that dream, or maybe it’s because of the people that I go with. Either way, I always relish the time I spend there.


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