LACMA Sessions by Metztli Garcia

I recently had my last session visiting the LACMA photography archive with my fellow Las Fotos Project classmates Textli, Regina, and Natalia, and mentor Kristin. Throughout my entire experience at LACMA I realized what a great opportunity it was to learn about other photographers and be inspired by them.

Before going to LACMA I never knew much about museums. I always thought they were boring, but after looking at the LACMA archives I have come to love them! Once I learned the stories and reasons behind each picture, it changed my entire mindset. The stories and background of the artists helped me understand and feel part of their photographic experience.

I was inspired Julian Wasser’s photo titled Watts Riots. The photo depicts a police officer pointing his gun at people lying on the ground. Pictures like these are important because they have a purpose and a story. It’s vital to document events that mark important parts of our history.

“Watts Riots,” Julian Wasser

I was also inspired by four photos taken by Max Yavno in the place I come from: East Los Angeles. I felt a real connection with the photographs. These images were not only beautiful, but each evoked a new emotion in me.

After seeing a variety of different photographers and their unique styles, it has helped me decide what style of photography I would like to pursue in the future. I have learned to love portraits and street photography, I feel like those images evoke the greatest emotions in a person. With one picture, a million connections and stories, feelings and interpretations, can be made. And that’s just the beauty of photography.

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