LACMA Sessions by Natalia Angeles

These past four sessions at the LACMA photography archive with Sarah Newby have been amazing and unforgettable. I got to share this experience with wonderful women – Metztli, Textli, Regina and Kristin. I talked to my mom about each photo I saw at the museum. I would tell her that every photo I got to see up close was so detailed and inspirational. I shared with her that seeing all these pictures helped me realize the type of photographs I want to make.

I would describe my experience as monumental. Why? Because every session had different artists and different perspectives on their subjects; every photo spoke to me as well as the quotes we were given to read aloud by the amazing photographers. One image that really caught my attention was an image taken by Max Yavno in 1946 titled “Two Women.” It is of two beautiful women standing outside a barbershop smiling and having a conversation. The image is framed really well and it inspires me to try and capture the “decisive moment” that Henri Cartier-Bresson describes.

“Two Women,” Max Yavno

The photographs I got to see every month made me feel both refreshed and like I had butterflies in my stomach. The images made me feel refreshed because I wasn’t used to seeing such great photos taken with a film camera. Every photo made me feel like I was actually living the story the photographer was trying to say. I am extremely thankful to be part of this experience.

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