Jasbeth: A fashion photographer in the making!

It is always an exciting time for Las Fotos Project when new and fresh faces enter the first day of the semester. This time around for Photo 101 we have the pleasure of getting to know Jasbeth Perez. Thanks to her mother’s constant LFP support by liking, sharing and following us on all our social media platforms Jasbeth received the opportunity to actually participate this semester. She has lived all over from East Los Angeles to South Central, she brings her perspective on being exposed to all the different cultures and neighborhoods. Seeing all the diversity pushed her to discover photography.

This is her first class in photography and she is currently learning the basics of lighting, composition and portraiture with her mentor Thomas. She is hoping to learn more about shooting in low light and silhouette photography because she likes the mystery, keeping the ambiguity. Jasbeth enjoys having her audience examine her photos in a way that it is not giving away too much details. The viewers need to look at the photographic techniques and surroundings to come up with their own opinion or story on her photography. She would also enjoy photographing fashion and streetwear.

Thus far, creating bonds with all the girls and receiving constructive criticism are some of Jasbeth’s favorite moments. She feels like the connections she is creating amongst all the other first timers is both exciting and inspiring. Her enjoyment of criticism on her photos helps her develop her skills and gives her the drive to explore. After joining Las Fotos Project Jasbeth feels confident and open minded on photography.

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