InFoucus Talk with Allegra Messina

By Nathalie Diaz, age 15

On Saturday April 15th, portrait photographer, Allegra Messina came to speak to us at Las Fotos Project. Before this InFocus Talk, I had never met or heard about Allegra before. Because of this, I came to the talk expecting to learn about Allegra’s journey to becoming the great photographer she is today. And I learned just that! Allegra told us about how she started photography and how her passion grew. She started out taking portraits of her friends and family and slowly grew more and more experienced, eventually shooting professionally!

Allegra’s wonderful presentation inspired me to not be so shy about my passion for photography. Maybe, I could put this passion “to use,” like Allegra did, and take pictures for family and friends. This will be starting off small. Allegra taught me that even when you start off small, the end result maybe be bigger and greater than you imagined.

My favorite part of the presentation was finally learning every single part of Lightroom. Allegra showed is us every part, naming and showing what the specific things in Lightroom did to our photo. I learned about Lightroom and all of its features, how Allegra’s photography career started, and that being friendly and having a camera can take you anywhere.
Allegra really did inspire me as a young photographer. She is getting paid to do what she loves, while still going to school. And she is not much older than me!
Upon hearing this presentation, I began thinking of ways that I could become more talkative and friendly because of photography. For example, I could start asking girls from my school, who I never talk to, to take their picture.
I felt inspired and empowered because of this presentation. I am very thankful that Allegra came to talk to us, and I hope she visits again soon.

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