In Focus Talks with Julie Cabral

By Textli, age 16

On October 4, 2014, Julie Cabral, a 22-year-old photographer from Venice Beach, came to talk to us about herself and her experience as a photographer and filmmaker.


Julie showed us some of her photographs that she made. Most of the photos that she makes are of her family. She really captures all of their features and expressions in a way for the world to enjoy. She even made her own book!



All of her photographs are in black and white. I learned that putting photos that way makes them look dramatic and gives off an intriguing energy.



She showed us a short film that she made and what she said in the film is what really got my attention.  She made a whole film on what she saw: a man abusing his partner. She posed question on why this would happen and why the world works the way it does.



She had previously filmed a lot of footage of her family, like her sister and her mom’s daily lives, and then when she thought of her film idea. She put these clips together with the thought of emphasizing the importance of family and love, that you need love to survive on a daily bases.



That’s what the woman who was getting beat needs. Love. The film emphasized love and self-esteem. That woman who was being abused may not have had that, but Julie’s film raised the awareness that if you do not have that type of love in a relationship, then that relationship is not real and is not healthy.



Julie Cabral thought of this tragic situation the woman was in as she made her film. Julie’s focus was not on tragedy, but on understanding of love around you. I really appreciated that Las Fotos Project brought in an aspiring artist that is still learning and experimenting her art while at the same time, we got to celebrate her successes.



Click here to watch Julie’s short film.

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