Food Photography Workshop with Oriana Koren and Guisados

By: Ximena Gaytan, age 13

“Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!” everyone said.  After eating tacos from Guisados, the girls from Las Fotos Project were told that they had an assignment.  This assignment was to photograph the tacos in different moods. 

Our class was divided into two groups. In each group each student took a role; Main Photographer, Prop Stylist, Food Stylist, Art Director, and Light Helper. The two groups were given a mood: a quirky type and a gloomy type.  We were given a table with a bunch of taco ingredients, props, and colored paper. The task was to photograph the tacos with the reflection of the mood.  The key to this assignment was to play around with the food until you created a style and mood that made you feel comfortable capturing.  

After, you would just play around with the lighting until you got the correct amount of shadows and light according to the mood. The Prop and Food Stylist teamed up to expand their creativity to create a jaw-dropping masterpiece.  Once the taco coordinating was done, all the photographer needed to do was to capture the tacos.  Along the way, some photographers found interest on how tacos make people happy, so,they decided to photograph the reaction of a person when eating a taco.  

After each team took photos, the results were incredible.  Oriana, the guest of honor who gave us this assignment, shared the photos we took to the class. This delicious assignment was officially accomplished. Overall, this task was an A. Thanks to Las Fotos Project for teaching every girl new skills and thanks to Guisados for the tacos!

This workshop was made possible thanks to the support and connections from our friends at Red Bull.

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