Exploring Urban Planning

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By Carol Martinez, age 12 – Boyle Heights, CA

During my Las Fotos Project class on Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Boyle Heights City Hall and take part in an urban planning activity. We were in a conference room that had a big map of Boyle Heights. There were girls and mentors from Las Fotos Project, along with a couple of high school students.  At the center of a table, there was a bubble map and we filled it out with what we thought urban planners did.

After finishing the bubble map, we examined the map of Boyle Heights and pointed out places that we felt safe and comfortable, such as school and the park. We also pointed out places we felt unsafe, like underneath freeway bridges or freeway exits that don’t have stop signs or streetlights.

By participating in this activity, I learned that not only adults, but also youth – like us – could have a say on what we like or dislike about our community. My favorite part about the activity was being able to point out places where we feel safe and comfortable, and also pointing out places where we don’t. After the activity, I left feeling happy and satisfied about having a say as a youth in my community.

To learn more about zoning codes visit RecodeLA, visit www.recode.la. This event was hosted by  The Los Angeles Department of City Planning.




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