Documenting Family History with a Southern Flair

Hailing from the southeast Miranda Maynard, new to LA with only a year and a half of residency under her belt, has opened the door to a new interesting chapter for Las Fotos Project. The word kindred has sparked a lot of talks within the group, since it’s very much a regional word that ties her back to her home. She mentions she has also been work on a book for her family for a very long time. The idea of family itself ties back a lot to where she is from.

The Kindred Book Project will be taking the young girls from LFP down memory lane with their families. Incorporating different techniques in collecting old photographs, scanning them and creating a physical product; this project will allow the Las Fotos ladies to explore their families on a much deeper and genealogical form. The idea sprung from Miranda’s previous work on the mother and daughter workshops. She was touched by how thoughtful and kind the young girls were with their mothers. Miranda states, “…what I would like to see in the end is for the girls to have a book that is special to them and their whole families, something that generates conversation and isn’t an end within itself…”. Opening so much history and lineage that will allow the girls of LFP to discover new stories, such as, old photographs of grandparents weddings, family gatherings and even garnering ideas of recreating images from past photographs.

Utilizing her Masters in Photography Miranda is providing a set a skills for the girls to learn and be empowered by. She hopes that on top of creating a book the girls can also take their new learned skills and apply them to their photographic journeys; either it be for a to day to day family candids or taking it, as far as, furthering their careers. She is excited to share all she knows with the girls of LFP and hopes this class is a recurrent one. Meeting every Tuesday evening up until next summer we cannot wait to see what The Kindred Book Project has to showcase.

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