Diversities: The Art of Living by Natalia Angeles, a Solo Show by age 15

Diversities: The Art of Living showcases visual elements of art and photography that were inspired by the intimate connections Natalia Angeles made with community influencers and artists.  Each individual uses their creativity for personal growth while enriching the lives of people in their unique communities, a talent Natalia admires. Whether it’s a specialty craft or skill, the dedication these individuals practice is what helps build and promote stronger communities, regardless of the challenges they face.   

From illustrators, to barbers, brand designers, DJ’s and chefs, the variety of art forms that exist within Los Angeles are what connect people to the city. Regardless of who they are, how they identify, and where they come from, Natalia believes these people deserve to be recognized for their commitment to living a life full of art and their inspirational abilities.

Artist Bio:

My name is Natalia Angeles, I am 15 years old and I live in Bell Gardens, California. I am a really outgoing person, I am social and I love making new friends. I would consider myself a street photographer because most of the photos I take are mostly on the streets. I like to listen to different kinds of music, as well as discover new music. If I can travel around the world, the place that I would like to visit first would be New York City. One of the reasons why I’d like to go to NYC is because my favorite artists, like Andy Warhol, have have their best work displayed in New York museums. When I grow up, I’d like to be a photojournalist because I would not only get to travel the world, but I would also network with diverse people and go on adventures. I love that different photographers can take a picture of someone or something, but have differing stories or interpretations of what they photographed. Hearing about these different processes gives me hope that this society is still creative and artistic.

I’ve been in Las Fotos Project for three and half years. This semester, I got to really expand my thoughts about who and what I wanted to photograph in relation to the theme. This semester also helped me work more with my camera settings. One thing that I’ve done throughout this semester was go up to people and ask if I can take their photo. While some people would say yes, a lot of people said no which would sometimes scare and discourage me to the point where I stopped taking pictures that whole day. However, this year I was able to politely ask people if they were fine with being photographed and everything turned out great. When I would get rejected, I would just smile, say “thank you,” and carried on to the next person. This semester, I also got really close to the girls and got to have some cool experiences and adventures. I would definitely like to come back next semester to learn more about things I can do with photography.

“My favorite thing to take pictures of are people having fun and enjoying life; I love it. Once I joined Las Fotos Project I knew I was going to learn a lot of new things about photography. I’m very thankful that I found out about Las Fotos Project. The reason why I signed up for Las Fotos Project is to find people that have the same passion as me, which is photography.” – Natalia Angeles, November 2014

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