Cassidy: Exploring her inner-self through photography

This semester Esta Soy Yo explored an iconic woman within the community, La Virgen de Guadalupe. It was an adventure to explore the surrounding cities and coming upon the image of her everywhere. Most of the girls in the program this semester never could phantom the idea of how big of an impact and admiration there is for the Lady of Guadalupe. Today, we meet Cassidy Rodriguez, first timer to Las Fotos Project she was excited to partake in this semester of Esta Soy Yo. Her first impression of LFP is very positive.

Thanks to a Las Fotos Project student, Natalia Angeles, Cassidy has began to really experience the program with positive attitude and outlook. She remembers when she first came into the class and was nervous about how she would be able to communicate with so many girls, but Natalia reassured her that the mentors, instructors and other girls were always going to be welcoming and kind. She never thought she would be able to connect with so many girls on the same subject, photography.

Through the past few weeks Cassidy has been exploring her newly acquired skills in photography and applying them to her weekly assignments. In one of the assignment the Esta Soy Yo girls needed to photograph themselves, it needed to self-reflection portrait. Cassidy had a really hard time trying to understand the overall idea of how she could represent herself because she had never really thought about it. Cassidy mentions, “ Who am I? It got me thinking how are people going to view me?  Will it be me?” She immersed herself in the questions of understanding who she was and how she wanted people to perceive her.

Cassidy plans to pursue photography as a hobby and hopes to keep participating in Las Fotos Project. She mentions that through LFP she given her the ability to get to know her inner self. Finding a way to communicate with her voice and putting that into her photography.

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