InFocus Talk with Koreen Odiney by Andrea Flores

On October 29 Koreen Odiney came to talk about what she does for a living. She is a journalist who interviews strangers. She is involved with the program We’re Not Really Strangers.  The activity we did was interview strangers on the community. We met a man who worked at the store, “Garage Lounge & Skate Shop”  in Boyle Heights. He talked about his day and how he woke up feeling great. He said that no one knows he’s a feminist and how he believes in equilibrium. We asked him about his day, and what’s one thing people don’t know about him. This activity showed us that a camera is a key to anything, to meet new people and not being afraid to talk to strangers. At first it was nerve wrecking but as soon as we started to talk to people it felt fun. Even though we got rejected we never gave up. Some questions we developed were from “How’s your day, really?” to “What’s your story” and it got deeper to personal questions. From this experience I learned to not be afraid to talk to strangers, and interviewing them may be as interesting than they act or look. Based on what I learned, I plan on using simple questions for interviewing people and ask if I can interview them. The most memorable thing in this activity was being able to talk to strangers and to not being afraid to do it. This  InFocus talk was a  really fun and great to do, I really wish more girls got the chance to experience it  like I did.

Vote for Las Fotos Project! #LA2050


LA2050 is an initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles and they collectively help guide $1,000,000 in grants to build the LA2050 of our dreams. Las Fotos Project submitted a really cool project idea and we need your support: vote for us so we can win the $50,000 needed for our project!

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Now accepting Board applications!


The Las Fotos Project Advisory Board is comprised of professionals and community leaders who provide oversight and support for agency staff and volunteer mentors. They offer the guidance necessary to develop strategic plans, strengthen programming, and build organizational capacity to ensure its sustainability for years to come.

We’re currently accepting applications for those interested in joining the Las Fotos Project Advisory Board. If you are interested in applying, please complete our online application by August 31. Applications will be reviewed in September and applicants will be notified on September 8.

If you have any questions regarding the Board, please email

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Now Hiring: Teaching Artists!


Our core programs are led by a Teaching Artist, a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills, curiosities and sensibilities of an educator, who engages a wide range of people in learning experiences through photography.

Here at Las Fotos Project, Teaching Artists are hired professionals and photographers with experience teaching youth. They have a strong commitment to, and experience in, documentary photography, photojournalism, and/or street photography; familiarity with participant photography and visual storytelling, and they are experts in digital media, including image management.  Continue reading

Mentor with Las Fotos Project!



Las Fotos Project is looking for photographers and creative people to help mentor girls in Los Angeles. We have programming in East, South and Central Los Angeles.

 Las Fotos Project mentors are photographers or artists who guide our students through our curriculum and activities, encourage our students to get creative with their photography, introduce our students to other types of media, build relationships with our students thought creative practice, support our students to grow and learn.

Click here to submit an application.

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Mentor Spotlight: Sophia Montoya


May Mentor Spotlight: Sophia Montoya
Mentees: Jackseny Reyes and Melisa Castañeda

Born in San Diego, CA and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Sophia Montoya is a music photojournalist who contributes to and translates for Through The Cracks, crowdfunding in journalism. She is currently working on a photo project about the rock and roll scene in Puerto Rico. She took a moment to reflect on her work with Las Fotos Project and her mentees, Jackseny Reyes and Melisa Castañeda.

I decided to get involved [with Las Fotos Project] because I felt it would be a fun and positive experience. Photography is something that I love so I knew I had something to teach [the girls]. I also like the fact that it is dedicated to young girls who are eager to learn something new or creative. This project not only teaches them how to be creative; [it also teaches them] how to learn more about their community and their culture. Continue reading

Mentor/Mentee Spotlight: Amina and Textli

Gladys Photo.Hammer Field Trip.3.26.16-4

Mentor/Mentee pair Amina Cruz and Textli Gallegos work together on LFP’s Exposures project, an online collaboration between creative communities in Vermont, Tijuana and Oregon. Both women are from Los Angeles; Amina works in the Art department for different TV shows and Textli attends Los Angeles County School for the Arts in East Los Angeles. They recently sat down for a chat and here’s what they had to say! Continue reading

Las Fotos Project student photo exhibit on May 21


Neighborhood Identities is a photography exhibit created by 150 teenage girls documenting the history, culture, and diversity of Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, neighborhood identities are especially — and perhaps uniquely — strong. Proudly strong. You do not have an awareness of passing out of County Supervisorial District 1 into District 2. But you know when you step into Koreatown, into Westwood, into Echo Park. Those places have cultures, lives, and histories as complicated as the most meandering of soap opera genealogies.

Over the course of our spring semester of programming, Las Fotos Project student photographers, girls and young ladies ages 11 to 18, have been photographing their neighborhoods and learning more about what makes the place they call home so unique. Join us on Saturday, May 21 from 2pm to 5pm at ArtShare LA and experience Los Angeles like never before.

This is a free community celebration and closing reception of our Neighborhood Identities student exhibition. For more information on other ways of viewing the work, please email info@lasfotosproject. To donate to learn more about Las Fotos Project, please visit

WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 2pm to 5pm
WHERE: ArtShare LA located at 801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Family portraits for families from the Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC)

By Samantha, age 17

The portrait event was an amazing experience because as a student I was introduced to a different form of photography that interested me. I enjoyed learning how to set up for portrait shoots and how to make sure you have good lighting.

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Mentor/Mentee Spotlight: Gabi and Michelle


Michelle Bravo is from South LA, CA, and lives with her mom, brother, sister and step dad. She likes exploring new places and going out to eat with her family.

Gabi Guerra is a native of Phoenix, AZ and recently graduated from Pomona College  with a degree in Media Studies. She joined Las Fotos Project as a mentor last semester and is beginning to feel more comfortable in the classroom.  This mentee/mentor pair recently sat down for chat about LA, school, and exploring life through a different lens. Continue reading