Las Fotos Project at #GirlTalk

Las Fotos Project represented by 4th year student photographer Regina Zamarripa and Founder + Executive Director Eric V. Ibarra at #GirlTalk

The Autry Museum: Lectures and Workshops
Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:00 p.m.

The Autry Museum guests joined the conversation as staff and participants from Global Girl, WriteGirl, and Las Fotos Project discussed the importance of sharing girls’ stories with the world, and learned more about the platforms girls can use to make their voices heard.

Photos by: Salina Canizares

City Rising: Documenting Gentrification and Cultural Displacement in Boyle Heights and South LA

Las Fotos Project Presents: City Rising, Youth Photo Exhibit
August 12 – September 9, 2017
2658 Pasadena Ave, Lincoln Heights, 90031

City Rising presents the work of 14 teenage girls documenting changes in their neighborhoods and the complexities of gentrification in Boyle Heights and South Los Angeles.

Both Boyle Heights and South Los Angeles have experienced an influx of new businesses and newcomers who are not only changing the urban landscape of these historic areas, but also are displacing immigrant and communities of color.

The images on this exhibit explore the similarities and differences between these two neighborhoods and the effect that these changes are having on the community.

A collaboration with KCET in support of KCET City Rising, a documentary exploring gentrification airing this September. Learn more

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Food Photography Workshop with Oriana Koren and Guisados

By: Ximena Gaytan, age 13

“Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!” everyone said.  After eating tacos from Guisados, the girls from Las Fotos Project were told that they had an assignment.  This assignment was to photograph the tacos in different moods.  Continue reading

MakerSpace in Summer

By Sabinah Lopez, age 16

We started class with Julian, our makerspace workshop leader. The first activity was a warm-up that was about your own perspectives and perspectives of others. We had to color a sheet of paper and cover all the white parts, which seemed nearly impossible. Julian told us to find at least 5 shapes or images and we then switched to do the same with our partner’s paper. For the second activity, Julian asked us where, what, and who makes us feel happy and supported. The project was to use colors that coordinated with what makes you happy and paint them where you feel them.   Continue reading

Our trip to the LA River

By: Melanie Nava, age 12

My trip to the LA River was a great experience! I learned so much and took pictures of everything I saw.  The LA River is beautiful and fascinating.  My classmates and I had a really great time taking pictures of the river’s plants, animals, and people.  I loved taking close-up shots of the leaves, the water, and all of the nature around me.  I was so eager to get there, that by the time we got there, I had already taken so many photos.  When I walked down to the river, I immediately started taking photos of the rocks and of my classmates. I was also able to see the excitement in their eyes.  The river running through the rocks was so loud and incredible.   Continue reading