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A look back at Las Fotos Project in 2017

2017 was an incredible year for Las Fotos Project. We opened our new gallery space here in Lincoln Heights, complete with a darkroom, 100 ft. of gallery wall space, office desks for staff and volunteers to work, and a classroom area for the students and their mentors. Our organization also collaborated with esteemed art museums like the Museum of Latin American Art and The Autry Museum as well as partnered with out-of-state organizations to expose our students to new experiences such as a weeklong photo retreat in South Dakota. Lastly, we launched Hire Her, a social enterprise program that will instill our students with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to work in digital media careers and/or become innovative and creative entrepreneurs.

This year alone Las Fotos Project dedicated 4836 hours of instruction provided by 49 mentors and teaching artists to 126 girls and young women. Take a look at just some of our accomplishments from 2017.

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Marisabel: Radical Girl using photography as advocacy tool

Who is a radical girl? Las Fotos Project, in conjunction with the Hammer Museum, created a panel and a series of workshops to highlight some of Los Angeles most radical girls. With talented Latinx and Chicana artists like Judy Baca, Genevieve Gaignard, Star Montana and Marisabel Perez we dived into discussion on artistic mediums, their aspirations  and drive to showcase Latino and Chicano heritage in LA. We had the pleasure of talking to one of the panelist and LFP alumni Marisabel Perez. She is currently a freshman at UC Irvine and has been part of Las Fotos Project for the past two and half years. Marisabel shares her first impression of Las Fotos Project as being one of the best programs she has ever been a part of. She truly enjoys being able to use photography as a gateway to photojournalism. Never in a million years she says, would she ever imagine LFP opening so many doors and opportunities, not only for her, but for so many young girls in the community. Continue reading

Cassidy: Exploring her inner-self through photography

This semester Esta Soy Yo explored an iconic woman within the community, La Virgen de Guadalupe. It was an adventure to explore the surrounding cities and coming upon the image of her everywhere. Most of the girls in the program this semester never could phantom the idea of how big of an impact and admiration there is for the Lady of Guadalupe. Today, we meet Cassidy Rodriguez, first timer to Las Fotos Project she was excited to partake in this semester of Esta Soy Yo. Her first impression of LFP is very positive. Continue reading

Documenting Family History with a Southern Flair

Hailing from the southeast Miranda Maynard, new to LA with only a year and a half of residency under her belt, has opened the door to a new interesting chapter for Las Fotos Project. The word kindred has sparked a lot of talks within the group, since it’s very much a regional word that ties her back to her home. She mentions she has also been work on a book for her family for a very long time. The idea of family itself ties back a lot to where she is from. Continue reading

Jasbeth: A fashion photographer in the making!

It is always an exciting time for Las Fotos Project when new and fresh faces enter the first day of the semester. This time around for Photo 101 we have the pleasure of getting to know Jasbeth Perez. Thanks to her mother’s constant LFP support by liking, sharing and following us on all our social media platforms Jasbeth received the opportunity to actually participate this semester. She has lived all over from East Los Angeles to South Central, she brings her perspective on being exposed to all the different cultures and neighborhoods. Seeing all the diversity pushed her to discover photography. Continue reading