InFocus Talk with Koreen Odiney by Andrea Flores

On October 29 Koreen Odiney came to talk about what she does for a living. She is a journalist who interviews strangers. She is involved with the program We’re Not Really Strangers.  The activity we did was interview strangers on the community. We met a man who worked at the store, “Garage Lounge & Skate Shop”  in Boyle Heights. He talked about his day and how he woke up feeling great. He said that no one knows he’s a feminist and how he believes in equilibrium. We asked him about his day, and what’s one thing people don’t know about him. This activity showed us that a camera is a key to anything, to meet new people and not being afraid to talk to strangers. At first it was nerve wrecking but as soon as we started to talk to people it felt fun. Even though we got rejected we never gave up. Some questions we developed were from “How’s your day, really?” to “What’s your story” and it got deeper to personal questions. From this experience I learned to not be afraid to talk to strangers, and interviewing them may be as interesting than they act or look. Based on what I learned, I plan on using simple questions for interviewing people and ask if I can interview them. The most memorable thing in this activity was being able to talk to strangers and to not being afraid to do it. This  InFocus talk was a  really fun and great to do, I really wish more girls got the chance to experience it  like I did.

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